Minding the product transition gap: How digital qual helped P&G solve a diaper dilemma

Andrew Sauer
The Procter & Gamble Company, USA
Steve August
Revelation, USA

Introduction - Perils and opportunities of product transition

A young couple welcomes a child into their lives and suddenly the cute little hatchback starts looking a little too small. A phone falls to the ground and the screen cracks, sending the owner to the store to buy a new one. A college graduate finds he or she needs a new wardrobe for their first job. What do these events all have in common? They all represent occasions where consumers make a product transition.

Every time a consumer makes a product transition, there is an opportunity for a company to either lose or win that consumer. It is crucial to understand the drivers behind decisions consumers make during product transitions, as these decisions can cumulatively represent millions of dollars in current and future sales.