Cadbury Favourites: Thinking outside the chocolate box

Agency: George Patterson Y&R

Advertiser: Cadbury Favourites

Author: Tom Ward and Meredith Simpson

Total Campaign Expenditure:

Strategic communications challenge

This is a story about how thinking outside the chocolate box to find a new occasion and solve an age-old social dilemma helped an old Australian 'favourite' find greater success in the boxed chocolate battle.

An occasional purchase…

Everyone knew Favourites, and most people were fond of the brand. The problem was they weren't buying it that often, in fact, and most often at Christmas.

So why such infrequent consumption? Well, as it turns out, the problem lay in what people associated a box of chocolates with: special occasions.

…but not right for special occasions

It seemed to be entrenched in the national psyche that a box of chocolate = a special occasion. A fancy dinner party, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. And the problem with Favourites was that it no longer felt special enough. Over the years a number of premium brands had entered the market and the competitive landscape had acquired a distinctly European accent. Trading heavily on their exotic origins and posh-choc-heritage, these competitors felt more 'upmarket' than Favourites, which had a casual, fun feel. And so people were increasingly reaching for a competitor when buying a box of chocolates for that special celebration.