Google Chrome: Tanjore

Sanjay Sharma

Campaign details

Brand owner: Google
Agency: BBH India
Brand: Google Chrome
Country: India
Channels used: Cinema, Online video, Television
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

In a market where Internet Explorer and Firefox were the default browser choices often preloaded into computers, Google Chrome wanted to go from being the third most popular to No.1 within a year. This would require Chrome extending its appeal beyond 'techies' and the early adopters, because it would need to be adopted by mainstream India.

This demanded a fundamental shift in the way people in India related to the web. It required a change from it being seen as a platform for viewing or entertainment, to a place for 'doing' and growth – the most dominant mainstream discourse today. With 'Web is what you make of it', Chrome decided to celebrate individuals who had done things beyond their normal capabilities by harnessing the power of the web.