Tunisair: 7 days for a change

Client Company Name: Tunisair
Brand Name: Tunisair
Agency: DRAFTFCB Spain
Category: Integrated Communication; Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: Under €25,000
Country: Spain


In February 2011, there was a revolution in Tunisia and many tourists cancelled their trips and flights. People started to think that the country was dangerous and Tunisair lost more than 40% of its sales. We wanted to change people opinions and thoughts. Our aim was to show people that Tunisia was safe, interesting and beautiful.


The aim was clear: we had to change the opinions that people had about Tunisia. But how could we change the opinions of people who wre afraid of travelling there? We discovered that more than 100 people - friends, couples and families - had cancelled their trips during the last year because they were afraid of the social disturbances in the capital. So we decided to find them and invite them to take a seven-day trip to Tunisia with us. We wanted them to meet the people, discover the culture, the gastronomy, the music, etc.