The Athena doctrine: Female values are the future

John Gerzema
BAV Consulting

The term 'feminisation' has been a recurrent theme in social observations. In this article, based on a massive international sample of men and women, John Gerzema observes a surprising consensus both in how male and female values are defined and in the wish for female values to be more dominant. The ascendency of female values has important implications for society, politics and business.

Some years ago, the American 'anti-feminist feminist' Camille Paglia enraged her feminist sisters by declaring that if the world had been run by women, "we would still be living in mud huts".

Feminists bristle easily and particularly at the suggestion that there are inherently male and female traits. Their entire struggle was, after all, predicated on the belief that the notion of specifically 'female values' had been imposed by a patriarchal society determined to keep women in their place.