Agency: TBWA Author: Susanna Hailstone

The Wonderbra - How thinking big ensured the survival of the fittest


This is the story of 'Bra Wars', a phrase coined by the press to sum up the recent high profile battle for the Great British Cleavage.

There are two main protagonists – the Playtex Wonderbra and its arch rival the Gossard Ultrabra. And whilst 'Bra Wars' is still raging, we will show two things:

Firstly, how advertising on a very limited scale for the Playtex Wonderbra sparked a public debate of unprecedented proportions, proving that you don't need to be new to be newsworthy.

Secondly, how at a time of serious threat and competition, advertising for the Playtex Wonderbra not only protected volume and distribution but also achieved substantial incremental sales.