CBS and PepsiCo – Mondays to The Max First-Ever Video-in-Print

Category: Media Innovation
Brand/Client: CBS and Pepsi Co
Primary Agency: OMD/PepsiCo
Media Agency: OMD
Contributing Agencies: Americhip/Entertainment Weekly (Time Inc)


CBS has long been a leader in television programming and using innovative strategies to attract viewers by blending advertising and content. Year after year it is their goal to get America excited about CBS and to own the conversation and buzz around the start of the massively cluttered Fall TV season.

That said, in recent years network TV ratings have continued to slip at an increasing rate with fragmentation and technology, making the challenge to generate conversations about TV in such a competitive cluttered environment even more difficult. The proliferation of media choices has been eroding mass television audiences and it's more important than ever to stand out in a vast sea of content options. To initiate organic word-of-mouth chatter, these hard-to-reach consumers needed a compelling reason to talk about CBS shows leading up to the Fall TV season.