Television peoplemeters in Europe

Mapping the harmonies and discords of today's audience measurement practice across a continent

Toby Syfret

All Europe's 21 or so national TV audience measurement services are now based on 'peoplemeters'. An exhaustive new EAAA report details their similarities and many differences. The hope has been that the services might become relatively consistent. This would for instance allow advertisers to compare and manipulate the various data reporting the performance of multinational schedules. Such an outcome is by no means in sight. After briefly setting out the report's context and giving the gist of some new EBU guidelines shortly to be published, this valuable paper summarises the significant differences between the various measurement services - eg in terms sample size, definitions and compatibility.

The first comprehensive review of national television audience measurement in Europe was published this summer by the EAAA (European Association of Advertising Agencies). This paper summarises the context in which it was produced, and some of the top line findings and implications.