Are you getting personal? Then keep your distance

Jeremy Bullmore

Brands that try to be your best friend need to realise that relationships are a two-way process.

Yet again, the internet presents legislators and regulators with problems that were never foreseen in pre-digital times. Barristers have discovered Google.

They used to face the jury box knowing little of value about its occupants. The jurors had been vetted, certainly; but they remained as impersonal as any target group defined only as C2/Ds, 25-34.

Today, apparently, whether acting for the defendant or the prosecution, wily barristers Google their jurors. One by one, they delve into their jurors' interests, their backgrounds, their occupations, their families, their memberships of groups and clubs. And then, armed with this instructive and highly personal information, they carefully tailor their addresses to appeal to their individual jurors' known opinions, prejudices and predilections.