Dr Oetker - Paula's World & Her Farmyard Beats

Agency name: i2i Marketing
Client name: Dr Oetker
Category: Product Launch/Relaunch/ Trial campaigns


At the start of 2008, the Kid's Chilled Dairy Treats market was worth £12m and growing 56% year on year, with a limited product range for 5-9 year olds. To capitalise on this opportunity, Dr. Oetker launched its first kid's chilled treat - a custard-style dessert called Paula, featuring distinctive chocolate and vanilla splodges in a transparent pot. Paula, an eye-catching animated, rapping cow with sunglasses, appeared on packaging.

In the face of competitive launches from Muller, Nestle, Petit Filous and Yeo Valley, it was clear that Dr Oetker needed an exceptional marketing campaign for Paula to stand out in the market.

In short, kids and mums needed to be given a brand experience they would never forget.