Cross Media Consumption and Adequate Media Strategies

First Steps in Analyzing Single Source Electronic Media Data

Rolf Müller
Publica Data AG, Switzerland

Giordano Giordani
IP Multimedia AG, Switzerland


Since January 2001 Radiocontrol is the official currency for radio research and radio planning in Switzerland. But Radiocontrol can do more than that: it measures TV consumption as well. Using the audio-matching process, Radiocontrol has been measuring 60 TV channels since its beginning. This true single source research on the main electronic media in Switzerland brings forth a data set rich with information on habitual consumption as well as diverging use patterns on special occasions and extraordinary events, giving deeper knowledge for adequate cross media strategies. It has to be underlined that the TV data from Radiocontrol has, up to today, never been used in the market and does not represent the TV currency of Switzerland. But Radiocontrol data has shown a near-to-perfect match with the official Swiss TV currency, Telecontrol (push-button meter). So why not use this invaluable data for combined, cross media, planning? This paper is a first step in the direction of setting up a planning system for electronic media in Switzerland.