Digital media use in Latin America: New trends and insights

Ivan Castano

Latin America remains one of the world's fastest-growing markets for smartphone and social media usage, generating exciting opportunities for brands keen to profit from consumers' desire for greater interaction and the possibilities presented by the region's burgeoning economies.

Growth is so brisk that UM, a unit of Interpublic Group, launched the first Latin American-focused study in its long-running Wave series last month to assist clients in deciphering the views, needs and behaviors of the internet audience south of the US border.

The survey, called Wave 7, was discussed in detail during The Festival of Media LatAm 2013, held in Miami from 25-27 September. It revealed that the number of Latin American web users who owned a smartphone has surged from 35.7% to 60.8% in the past 12 months, during which time that figure increased from 44.8% to 73.4% worldwide. Exactly 66% of respondents in Latin America also agreed this is the device that best helps them socialize.