Albert Heijn - Smurfs over Holland

Agency name: TBWA\NEBOKO
Client name: Albert Heijn
Category: Retail or Trade Marketing


With over 800 stores, Albert Heijn is the largest food retailer in the Netherlands. Although Albert Heijn's market share has grown strongly over the last years, one group of consumers is still under-represented in its stores: families with children. This group represents almost one quarter of all supermarket turnover, and is therefore very valuable to Albert Heijn.

Therefore, an important objective of this campaign was to attract more families with children. However, it is not Albert Heijn's style to simply ‘buy’ market share via cheap promos. Instead, Albert Heijn wanted to create an added-value promotion. A promotion that would generate extra turnover and build on the Albert Heijn brand. A promotion that could even create a nationwide hype.