Doritos: Dip Desperado - Getting the UK to Dip the Chip

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London

Advertiser: Pepsico
Brand: Doritos
Country: United Kingdom


In the USA, 50% of all chips are consumed with dips. Not so in the UK. Only 10% of chips, or 'crisps' to the British, are eaten with dips. Doritos were finding that while their chips were flying off the shelves for social snacking, consumers weren't buying Doritos dips to complete the experience.

Given the chip and dip habit in the US, it seemed fair to assume that the British people had scope to increase the regularity with which they consumed Doritos dip. So we set about building a new association in the minds of consumers between chips and dips and encouraging a new habit: dip the chip.

Ultimately, the objective was to increase sales during the critical summer months when sharing occasions are at their height; specifically to generate sales uplifts in Doritos Dips & Doritos Chip sales, thus doubling dual consumption of Doritos Chip and Doritos Dip from 1 in 15 occasions to 1 in 8.