BSkyB, Accenture, Yahoo and DDB UK - insights from the 2011 ISBA Conference

Joseph Clift

The day's presentations at ISBA's annual conference, which took place in London in March 2011, were grouped around three of the most crucial issues facing marketers: changing media consumption trends, regulation and client-agency relationships.

Time and again, delegates were encouraged to focus on the positive implications of each issue. If the day's presenters are to be believed, TV is still king, extra regulation can benefit brands and clients and agencies are working together harmoniously. And, in the main, these arguments were backed up with a host of compelling statistics and anecdotes.

The message to brand owners? The future's nothing to worry about.

What next for media?

Where previously there was only TV and cinema, there are now many screens now available to consumers - on desktop and laptop PCs, and more recently, tablets and smartphones. As a consequence, media consumption has fragmented, especially in the tech-obsessed UK, where online's share of the adspend mix is exceptionally high by global standards.