DES's: My Mattress Savings Bank

VCCP Spain


Due to the critical situation of the Spanish economy, 83% of Spaniards don't believe it is a good time to buy anything that is not essential or absolutely needed. So, fewer and fewer people are considering renewing their old mattresses.

The crisis had a knock-on effect for all bedding distributors and manufacturers and means many could go out of business if this trend continues.

National context of the campaign

Due to the banks collapsing the Spanish people fear for their money and they no longer sleep well everyday.

Des's mission is to help people sleep well everyday.

Des had to do something different to solve two problems for the people:

  1. Keeping your money close to you and away from banks.
  2. Sleeping well again!


Due to the crisis in Spain things got tougher for DeSS, a Spanish mattress manufacturer.