How zombies helped bring Boost Mobile back to life

Andrea Sophocleous

Australians love their mobiles. With penetration at an impressive 130% and rising, it seems consumers are piling up multiple SIMs and handsets. Competition among mobile network operators is consequently extremely fierce.

So it is perhaps not surprising that a smaller operator such as Boost Mobile, which targets 18-25 year olds with budget pre-paid plans, looked to branded content to cut through the clutter and make an impression. More specifically, it turned to a theme which was undeniably popular with its preferred audience: zombies.

Boost's ambitious "Stay Living" campaign, created by Sydney-based hotshop The Monkeys, launched in June 2013 with a series of short films set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by these once-human creatures.

Anthony Torr, Boost Mobile's general manager, business and development, told delegates at the Festival of Branded Content and Entertainment – held in Sydney in October 2013 – that the catalyst for this initiative was Boost's transition from using the Optus mobile network to leveraging the alternative provided by Telstra, Australia's largest telco.