The future of selling

Brian Fetherstonhaugh with Mish Fletcher, Nikolaj Birjukow, Phil Buehler and Jennifer Blum
OgilvyOne Worldwide


  1. The lifeblood of business
  2. The World's Greatest Salesperson
  3. Buying is changing
  4. Change or else – a 21st Century Selling Guide
  5. Your 30-day plan

The lifeblood of business

All of us are salespeople. We may sell products or services, or we may sell ideas. Perhaps we sell visions, opportunities, opinions, or just our value. But every time we aim to shape another person's point of view, we are selling.

When it comes to business, selling is crucial. Selling is the lifeblood of any business; it is the crankshaft of economic interaction. Our founder, David Ogilvy, understood this well. He put it succinctly: "We sell, or else." David was a salesman, selling stoves door-to-door to feed himself as a young man, and while his walk-and-knock-driven skills may seem to have lost their relevance in our social, digital world, OgilvyOne believes that selling is more important now than ever before. The discrete seller-buyer interaction that ruled the world of David's youth has given way to a complex web of interactions – master one skill and another two appear.