Preston City Council: It's (on in) Preston

Agency: Vivid
Client: Preston City Council
Brand: It's (on in) Preston
Category: Events and Visitor Attractions

Executive summary

Preston Guild is a historic celebration dating back to 1179. The Guild is the only one of its kind and happens every 20 years. Changing times mean that each Guild has its own identity but shares a heritage of over 800 years, which provided many challenges as well as opportunities.

There is clear evidence throughout this entry that the key point to success was the way the 'It's (on in) Preston' design embraced environmental process, and the way that this was harmonised to develop a strong identity - appealing to a demographically diverse audience regionally, nationally and internationally.

Vivid took a significant role in providing a design concept that allowed a series of low/no-cost Guild campaigns - not only to highlight the city as a major driver of future economic growth at the heart of the Lancashire sub-region but to provide opportunities to show case Preston as a North West success story. The design strategy was dedicated to increasing a sense of community, sense of pride and achieved a high level of engagement.