Kern: Precision Valentines Day



THE TEAM • David Harris, Nick Hearne, James Nester, Chris Lawson.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • Kern calibrates and distributes some of the most accurate scales in the world. Valentine's Day was a fantastic opportunity to remind customers, while building the Kern brand in an unexpected way. 95% open rate, 60% click through rate, plus five new customers and two resellers (1,400% ROI). 50% response from 50 top customers. Part of a campaign that has resulted in a 30% increase in revenue since inception in 2009

OBJECTIVES • Increase brand value among the existing customer base and motivate click-through to the Kern website.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We were targeting a niche audience of scientists, pharmacists and engineers. This community are interested in quantification and precision. Crucially, they almost never receive creative marketing. In these sectors, marketing is predominantly price and function-led. None of Kern's main competitors engage in any creative loyalty programmes. This audience receive some of the dullest communication possible. It's invariably scientific and full of facts and figures. Unfortunately, it's also what they expect to receive. There was a great opportunity to do something different to present Kern as innovative and interesting, with a huge passion for what it does.