Building native experiences is the future of mobile

Low Lai Chow

The problem with how marketers think about mobile, Initiative's executive vice-president of communication planning worldwide, Sarah Ivey, thinks, comes from an underestimation of just how personal it is.

"We can't talk about this as the fourth screen. This is not how people think. When you ask them how to describe their phone, words come up, like 'addiction' and 'obsessive compulsion'."

Speaking at the Festival of Media Asia 2013, Ivey wondered aloud why mobile marketing continues to be a field of missed opportunities for most brands.

"We haven't really understood what is emerging - the experiences that you can only get from this little device here. Native mobile experiences are the key to the future. We are just scratching the surface here."

Mobile: It's how people connect to the world

In November 2012, Initiative ran a Mobile Experience study surveying adults aged 18-55 across 13 markets worldwide. According to Ivey, one of the respondents from Beijing called his smartphone his 'concubine'.