Stop the Presses!

Chuck Kapelke

Unilever U.S.'s recent campaign for Dove Cream Oil had all the markings of modernity: a website invited users to create and submit a 30-second spot for the body wash, with the winning ad to be broadcast during the Oscars. Yet when it came time to choose a medium to launch the request for submissions, the company's marketers turned to an old standby: magazines.

“We anchored the campaign primarily in entertainment magazines, like People and Entertainment Weekly, to get people to learn about the product,” explains Irene Grieco, senior U.S. lead of print management at Englewood Cliffs, N.J.–based Unilever. “Magazines are a targeted medium and they are a personal engagement vehicle. A magazine becomes a total brand experience for the reader. And magazines work well as an adjunct to an online campaign. It was very successful.”