Social plus search: an Asian perspective

Low Lai Chow

Social and search are getting much closer. So much so, in fact, that brands need to consider social elements when planning search, and to examine the search implications of a social strategy.

This applies particularly in Asia, a region where web users are particularly keen to participate online. In the West, there is an oft-cited 90-9-1 online participation rule – the theory that 90% of web users are passive readers, 9% contribute to content (such as commenting on blogs), and 1% produce the majority of content.

"The make-up of web participation is very different in Asia," said Isobar APAC's Social and ROI Analytics team leader Arvind Sethumadhavan at Social Media Week Singapore 2012.

"In Asia, there are more people who blog… We are finding that the 9% in markets is almost 20% in some markets. We see a lot more creators of content in Asia."

The evolution of search