Delivering the dream: the IPA TouchPoints Initiative

Lynne Robinson
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), United Kingdom

Denise Turner
Insight and Effectiveness, MPG, United Kingdom


The IPA TouchPoints Initiative has been one of the most talked about media research projects in recent years.

The Initiative has been led by the UK communication agencies through their trade body, the IPA. It has been specifically designed to address the increasingly consumer centric, multi-media communications future and the subsequent lack of consumer centric industry measurement tools.

The first TouchPoints Initiative was launched in two stages, the first in March 2006 and the second in October 2006. March 2006 saw the launch of the IPA TouchPoints Hub Survey. The Hub Survey is an innovative research study carried out by TNS. Five thousand adults aged 15+ years living in Great Britain each completed a 48-page questionnaire which covered their media usage, attitudes to media, lifestyles, attitudes and shopping habits (see Figure 1).