CAP48: Look at me in the eyes

Agency name: AIR
Client name: RTBf
Category: Cause or Charity/Non-profit Marketing


CAP48 is a Belgian charity striving for the integration of disabled people into society.

Created in 1957 under the name 48.81.00, it was renamed CAP48 in 2003. It is a volunteer initiative from the RTBF, the leading French-speaking, state-owned TV channel in Belgium.

We usually distinguish two types of campaigns in charity marketing, responding to the two major charity goals:

  • Solidarity Awareness Campaigns: the goal is to make people think about the issue and to bring about a change in mentality and/or behaviour.

  • Fundraising Campaigns: the goal is to increase donations every year in order to finance a maximum of projects.

In 2010, the aim of CAP48 was to combine these two goals in a single campaign. We believed this unusual and innovative strategy would lead to better results.