Reese's: Perfect


Business situation and campaign objectives

REESE'S had not advertised since 2004, therefore in the absence of communication, sales were consistently softening. Through the loss of limited editions and softening base brand sales, the brand had lost a great deal of occasions from moderate and light users. The team was tasked with developing a connection driven consumer communication program that could build and sustain Reese's brand loyalty.

The REESE'S PERFECT campaign was originated as a result of extensive research to identify the core consumer insights that would clearly position the REESE'S brand at the top of the chocolate candy category.

The REESE'S PERFECT campaign objectives included the following:

  • Drive consumer awareness
  • Drive consumer purchase frequency of REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups
  • Increase category share and topline sales
  • Utilize themed executions to support various promotional events as well as seasonal specific executions

Research story