Unilever (Ireland) – Dirt is Good

Campaign Title Persil Art Collection
Brand Unilever
Category B4 The Best Long Term Campaign
Medal Bronze
Agency Direction@JWT


A UK promotion was adapted to the Irish market to drive loyalty and affinity to the brand by offering primary schools a range of arts and craft materials in exchange for Persil tokens on boxes of Persil. Don Conroy, a well known, Irish, high profile TV broadcaster was chosen as the face of the campaign to appeal to parents, teachers and kids.


Persil aimed at addressing competition from Aerial with a long-term loyalty campaign to keep consumers purchasing over time, knowing that their actions were benefiting their children and their schools. In the 1st year they wanted 15% to register for the promotion and for that to double the following year. By having a spokesman who was a leading children's TV artist, he connected with all the audiences positively and added credibility to the activity and the brand.