Why marketers are the real chattering class

Winston Fletcher

Marketing guys and agency contact guys have a quirky relationship. Like an arranged marriage, they are usually yoked together by their elders and (maybe) betters. And their mock matrimony is expected to last for years. At first they hardly know each other, yet their union is supposed to spawn delightful offspring pronto: offspring that will bring happiness, joy and shedloads of money to their elders and (maybe) betters.

No, it isn't a full-blown marriage, nor even a civil contract, but they do have to cuddle up close and cosy. Before long they will find themselves noshing together, travelling together, maybe sharing a bedroom together – though preferably not in the same bed – and constantly being forced, against their will, to hunker down in bars together for hours and hours. And through it all, to keep going, they have to make small talk.