Agency: MacLaren Lintas Authors: D Gibbs, R Fife, M Swithenbank, J Chalifour, S Lemm, R Desautels, D Adams and C Brie

Heart and Stroke 'Obituary' Campaign


Think of a brand category in which there are hundreds of competitors, each one going after the same target audience and in which new competitors are edging into the market each year.

All the products are making essentially the same claims for attention. Moreover, despite the fierce competition, you cannot say anything against your competitors, for they are all worthy. What do you have to sell? For sure, it's nothing glamorous. It will usually be disease, misfortune and death. And your product advantages and value-added benefits usually rest on images based on emotion, fear, empathy and often the memory of personal loss or grief. In this category, you can usually assume the budget is on a shoestring and media planning depends on goodwill.