Cisco Systems Canada: One Million Acts of Green

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Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: Canada
Date program started/ended: 21st October 2008 - 9th June 2009

Product Description: Cisco is a leader in technology and innovation. Through our technology, we enable people to make powerful connections and mass collaboration. We call this "The Human Network" - a network of people with the power to change the world in which we live.

Advertiser/Client Name: Cisco Systems Canada
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Marketplace Challenge:

Cisco is an innovator, always looking to lead the way and always looking to collaborate with our employees, customers, and partners to help change the way we live, work, play and learn everyday. Cisco is leading by example, by developing and offering progressive technology that allows people to collaborate on issues of vital importance. Green is not new and it is not a fad. Green is a revolution that is gaining mindshare around the Globe. Cisco knows it is not the first company to think of Green nor do they claim to be 'the greenest'. Cisco's role is to join the evolution of Green solutions by providing technology that is more sustainable and incorporating Green values in its own corporate culture. In Canada the environment is a core issue. 85% are concerned about climate change and a whopping 92% feel government should enforce energy efficient behavior. Globally, 79% of people believe human activity is a core reason for global warming. Cisco believes human activity evolves through dialogue and collaboration. The power and potential of the internet is its ability to build communities with shared interests or agendas overnight. Only through the human network can the individual efforts of all be recognized together as a whole. The result is the human network effect. Believing we are more powerful together than we are apart, Cisco challenged and invited Canadians from all walks of life to join a community and register their acts of environmental responsibility. Cisco set out to show that environmental change is possible, one act at a time, through the human network. This was this philosophy that sparked the idea behind One Million Acts of Green.