Pringles – The Pringles Dream Team and


Pringles is one of the best known and regarded brands across the world. As a sharing snack and one that appeals to people of all ages, the brand focuses on activity that propels it to become front of mind amongst all audiences during key consumption occasions. The biggest example of which in 2006 was the FIFA World Cup and the team faced their biggest challenge to date to create a compelling communications plan that would engage all relevant stakeholders.


One of the brand's key challenges is its broad appeal. With multiple variants, it must undertake activity that engages audiences from mums with kids, to men and women aged 16–34, to retailers in all of their key markets across the world.

Key to this is how to drive penetration amongst the difficult-to-reach 16–24 year old male audience without alienating all other groups. One major strand of the commercial strategy to reach this audience in a meaningful way was an association with football. The sport's multiple benefits, including broad global support, near-unisex appeal during major championships, the fans' devotion to their team and unparalleled media interest during key periods, raised it head and shoulders above other properties. If aligned with only during major international championships, it would also meet the dual objectives of appealing without alienating. However, official associations are costly and return on investment (ROI) can be hard to generate especially for a brand where awareness alone does not score as a key metric.