Walkers Snacks Limited - Walkers Brit Trips

Agency name: The Big Kick
Client name: Walkers Snacks Limited
Category: Integrated communication


Walkers is Britain's the No. 1 grocery brand.

Walkers crisps are 100% made from British potatoes and they wanted to communicate this home-grown Britishness in a way that would engage the nation.

Promotions are key to maintaining brand leadership and with Walkers history of success; it was essential to create something original and motivating, for both trade and consumers.

Brit Trips was Walkers biggest promotion ever, with a total spend in excess of £5million and it was the UK’s biggest ever 3rd party promotion, 75 partners came on-board to offer a staggering 14,000 individual trips!

The high participation/offer take-up and data captured demonstrates the popularity of the promotion, whilst the ease of the mechanic combined with the interactivity of the website provided a depth of experience to an otherwise simple, traditional British days-out promotion!