Developing customer loyalty schemes to win hearts and minds

Dr George Terhanian,

Committed customers, or those whose heads and hearts you have won, spend more with you, trust you, recommend you to friends and family, and stick with you even when competitors try to entice them away. They're the ones that every business should want, and want to continue to develop.

So how should businesses go about winning, developing and retaining committed customers?

Well, it is made easier when you know exactly what you want to accomplish. And the focus of the programme should appeal not only to the consumer's head but also the heart, the two crucial components of customer commitment and all that entails.

This appeal to both head and heart is a theme that was familiar to America's third president, Thomas Jefferson, also one of the principal authors of America's Declaration of Independence. It was a theme that caused him to famously wrestle with his conscience over a romantic tryst with a young married English-woman.