The dragon is waking

Kolja Wehleit
German Federation of Ambient Media


In a short space of time, the People's Republic of China (PRC) has developed a rapidly growing outdoor advertising industry. Although poverty is still a relevant issue throughout much of China , 56% of the population can be considered rich by our standards. This adds up to around 60 million people. Accordingly, foreign as well as local brand owners have developed a strong interest in attracting the attention of this newly developing Chinese upper middle class.

Although there is some way to go before the Chinese advertising industry reaches international standards, we can benefit from taking a look at a marketplace that remains relatively free from external influence, and that may shed new light on the trends and tendencies in our own market. Of course, there are great cultural and political differences between European marketplaces and the Far Eastern version of advertising; nevertheless, some elements of the Chinese market may provide some insight into possibilities for our own industry.

Shanghai: advertising gate to Mao's empire