The role of insights in the development of the shopper environment

Danielle Pinnington
Shoppercentric Ltd, United Kingdom

Phillip Adcock
Shopper Behaviour Xplained Ltd, United Kingdom


The store is a communication channel: every aspect of layout, range, and merchandising communicates something to the shoppers who choose to visit the store.

Each time a shopper makes a purchase they have potentially been exposed to a series of triggers or barriers to purchase. The aim of a good retailer, or a brand owner in the retail space, is to create as many triggers to purchase as possible, and reduce the barriers that exist in-store or at the category.

Unfortunately, all too often the decisions affecting the store environment are made from the retailer or brand perspective, with little if any consideration of the shopper perspective. Without that basic understanding of the shopper the businesses involved in the store at best miss an opportunity to positively influence the shopper, and at worst risk communicating negatively with the shopper.