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The use of technology to improve organisational effectiveness

Carl Turner
Netsurvey Europe


Companies are facing intense pressure in the business world today. These pressures are a combination of internal and external forces.

The external forces driving the market place include globalisation, increased competition, increased customer demands, a new eBusiness logic driving more transparent pricing, and the increased availability of information resulting from the global adoption of the digital economy. To cope with the increased demands placed on organisations by these external forces, companies must undergo a transformation if they are to remain competitive.

Gone are the days of autocratic and hierarchal management structures. Today, companies need to be flexible, adaptable, have customer-centric, empowered and accountable cultures. Organisations need to be efficient and provide higher levels of service than ever before, as customer loyalty is becoming harder to sustain. All these pressures have necessitated organisations to transform themselves, but this has not been an easy process. How to implement successful change management has become a key issue for every board of directors.