Anyone for Advertising EDI?

Alan Masarek

We in the advertising community like to think of ourselves as on the cutting edge. Progressive thinkers, doers, implementers. That is why it is quite amazing how slow we have been to embrace the internet.
We have created its cachet, built its indelible images and icons, we were even the first to call websites 'dot.coms' but, truth be told, we have been painfully slow at using it for key functions, especially in areas like media where the potential benefits 
are great.


The question is, why have most industries embraced e-commerce, and realised that going online is essential 
to stay competitive, while advertising is one of the last vertical markets to adopt it? 

This hesitancy is due mostly to two reasons. First, while we do not like to admit it, much of advertising is more comfortable with, and bound by tradition to, its business practices. While campaigns and commercials are innovative, procedures for running an agency and key functions, like handling media, are tradition-based and hard to change. Media professionals have techniques and procedures they built their careers on and are slow to alter, much less abandon.