Red Bull Media House transforms content marketing

Stephen Whiteside

"If somebody tells you right now that they understand the media landscape and the media business, they're lying to you," Greg Jacobs, head of distribution, North America, Red Bull Media House, told delegates at the TVXperience conference, held in New York in mid-2013. "Nobody does. We're all trying to figure it out."

Rather than being a cause for concern, however, Jacobs declared that the current state of flux has considerable potential for forward-thinking marketers. "It's an absolute media renaissance," he said. "It's a really cool time for us, because we can make it up as we go and figure it out. And that's an exciting time. We've been kind of in a walled garden for many years; now it's opening up."

Red Bull, of course, is no stranger to innovation. It effectively invented the energy drink category in 1987; today, it sells five billion cans a year in 164 countries. And it is taking an equally-transformative approach to marketing thanks to Red Bull Media House, which began operating in 2007, and describes itself as a multiplatform company specialising in culture, lifestyle and sports – a remit spanning everything from Formula 1 to snowboarding, breakdancing and gaming.