Emerging Industry Overview: High Tech PR Firms

Industry Snapshot

Even (or perhaps especially) in the world of high tech wizardry, it is often how a product is portrayed rather than how it works that makes or breaks a company. With the surge in high tech industries, more and more companies came to realize this essential truth, and in so doing, gave a dramatic boost to the high tech public relations industry. The rush of dollars into high tech start-ups flooded the industry with new business as companies sought to grow at an accelerated pace while scrambling to differentiate themselves from competitors through the employment of public relations (PR) firms. The high tech sector of the PR industry easily outpaced other major sectors such as finance and health care during this period.

Meanwhile, those traditional PR agents who specialized in high tech issues and who felt confident enough to brave the rapidly consolidating high tech PR environment struck out on their own, setting up their own PR boutiques catering to dot-coms and other sectors.