What do we know about...Cinema and video audience research

All you need to know about CAVIAR, by BMRB's Liz McMahon

Liz McMahon

The 1980s and the first half of the 1990s saw a tremendous growth in film, through both the growth of video and the resurgence of cinema. Today, despite heavy competition from new forms of entertainment, cinema and video remain firm favourites with the British public. Furthermore, both cinema and video advertising are buoyant.

Cinema admissions reached a low point in 1984. Since then the medium has turned itself around. Audiences are growing, partly in response to the strength and breadth of the films on offer and partly through the physical upgrading of the theatres themselves, making cinema-going a much more comfortable experience today than in the past.

Video meanwhile has moved from a medium dominated by rental to one where the greatest growth and potential lies in the sell-through (or retail) market.