Visa Go Launch



A year after a sizzling IPO, how does a credit card company grow itself globally for the first time in the brand’s history, while continuing to add shareholder value in the face of one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history?

This was exactly the challenge we were faced with as we looked to relaunch the Visa brand in March of 2009. We knew that in order for Visa to succeed, we would need to bring Visa’s brand belief to life—“a brand of action”—to cardholders and noncardholders alike. We did this by finding unique, interesting and experiential ways to combine advertising and utility, thus creating the first “Advertility” campaign.

At the core of the campaign was the GO destination site—powered dynamically with images submitted through Flickr, stats from data sources and questions that inspired. A fully integrated digital offering, the site was surrounded with tools and information that allowed people to “go explore life.”