Direct Marketing Association: What are you Worth

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Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: UK
Date program started/ended: 2nd June 2010

Product Description: The Direct Marketing Association UK (DMA) represents the DM, telemarketing, door to door, digital marketing, social media and email marketing sectors. Its remit is to drive growth of the direct marketing industry, and its annual awards recognises direct marketing that excels in creativity, strategy and results.

Advertiser/Client Name: Direct Marketing Association
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Marketplace challenge:

There was a time in Britain when the post was exciting, 'junk mail' hadn't been coined and the start up on every street corner was a direct marketing agency. That was when the Direct Marketing Association was born. But 20 years later, few talk about 'direct' with as much excitement anymore. Spending on direct marketing had plummeted and the future of the DMA Awards depended on proving that direct marketing was worth investing in today. But not just to anyone. In a world where digital, then social, were the Next Big Things, the DMA needed to get creatives across the creative industries talking about the power of direct. But how to start the conversation?