Harness the power of social emotion

Vanella Jackson
Hall & Partners

Shared experiences create an emotional dynamic that can drive brand engagement. Researchers need to immerse themselves in social awareness streams over long periods of time to truly understand this behaviour.

Diana, Princess of Wales: the very public displays of grief after her death were an unprecedented outpouring of'social emotion'

It's fair to say that the marketing and brand and communications research worlds have been somewhat obsessed with 'emotion'. What is emotional engagement? How do we tap into emotional intelligence? What is the role of advertising in influencing emotions? Reason versus emotion – which is more powerful?

It finally seems like we might have reached a consensus and, happily, there is now little debate that emotion is indeed a dominant factor in driving consumers' relationships with brands, and that it is as important (I'd still argue more important) to understand consumers' emotions as it is their more rational brand beliefs. We've also settled on some ways we think we can measure and capture them.