An appetite for convenience: Why consumers in emerging markets are buying 'faster food'

Virginia Garavaglia
Kantar Worldpanel

As shoppers across fast-growth emerging markets become wealthier, the Western 'convenience food' culture is starting to gain a foothold in countries like China, Colombia, the Philippines, India and Vietnam. Local and global brands are responding with products that make preparing and eating food faster and simpler, without sacrificing important cultural traditions or compromising on taste or freshness.

Latin America and Asia both have a very strong tradition of home cooking, and people in both regions consider preparing a meal to be time well spent. On the other hand life is getting busier, and the number of women entering the workforce is increasing, so there's a greater need for convenience. People are also keen to spend more quality time with their families, and eating a meal together, while reducing the amount of time spent in the kitchen preparing it, is an important part of that.