Online Advertising Expenditure Report Q4, 2012


Welcome to IAB New Zealand's Insight report covering the calendar quarter, Q4, ended 31 December 2012 (Q4, 2012) and a summary of online advertising expenditure for 2012.

IAB Insight is an online advertising expenditure report produced by PwC on behalf of the Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand (IABNZ).

Notes on this report:

  1. Contributors are media companies that provided information and data to PwC, refer to Appendix 4 – Contributors.
  2. All growth percentages listed in this report are "normalised" to exclude the effect of new contributors to percentage measures of industry growth and also to remove the effect of any previous contributors that have not provided figures for the current quarter. For this reason, calculating percentages based on the dollar totals listed in this report may not result in the same growth percentage figures we have listed. This is due to totals including all reported revenues, while "normalised" percentages exclude contributions from new contributors made during the comparison period and/or previous contributions made by contributors not contributing in this quarter. This approach is to ensure we provide both a true picture of industry growth and an accurate measure of total industry spend.
  3. PwC's analysis of the data provided by contributors and preparation of this report do not constitute an audit performed in accordance with New Zealand Auditing Standards. Accordingly, PwC does not express an audit opinion or other form of assurance with respect to the information reported.
  4. PwC conducts variance checks of information submitted by all contributors, based on an analysis of their quarter-on-quarter contribution. If a significant variance is identified, further analysis will be performed to determine the nature of the variance. A walkthrough of the data submission process will be performed with new contributors in their first quarter.
  5. For details on the methodology used in the collection of data for this report and for more information, refer to Appendix 1 – Report scope, methodology and format.

Executive summary Q4, 2012 -