“Bing and Decide”: Launch of Microsoft's First Decision Engine


How do you successfully launch a new search engine brand in a market where the leader's brand name is synonymous with search and its customers, so apparently content with what they have, that they don't even see the need for another search product? This was the challenge faced by Microsoft in early 2009 when they prepared to introduce Bing, the newly reconfigured search engine, and come head to head with Google.

By 2009, Google's dominance in the search market was undisputed and appeared unstoppable, while Microsoft search share continued to decline year after year:

  • By June 2009, Google market share had climbed to a high of 65% in the US, up from 45% just 3 years previous (ComScore qSearch) with consumer satisfaction at an enviable 96% (Agency Research, January 2009).

  • In contrast, Microsoft US search share continued to slip, from 13% in 2006 to just 8% in June 2009. Worldwide share was at only 3% (ComScore qSearch).