Porsche: How Porsche Created New Relevance for a Revered Icon

Category: Automotive, Vehicles
Brand/Client: Porsche
Lead Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Contributing Agencies: Struck Axiom/OmnicomMediaGroup

Strategic Challenge

Was America's luxury sports car category on the ropes? With the uncertain economic times, it seemed no one needed a sports car and it was no longer publically acceptable to share a longing for one—let alone the sports car of all sports cars, a Porsche.

This was the problem weighing on the minds of the Porsche team in 2010. Like the larger sports car category, which was down 56%1, Porsche was experiencing precipitous declines. Since 2007, sales of the 911 – Porsche's revered icon, and the heart and soul of the brand – were down 54%2. And not only were 911 sales down dramatically, all two-door Porsche sports cars, which includes the 911, Boxster and Cayman, had fallen an unprecedented 58%3. With the 911 as Porsche's flagship model, its loss of relevance and diminished road presence had wide reverberations that impacted the identity of Porsche.