Huntington Bank Brand Re-launch

Category: Yearly Topical Category: Recession Marketing
Brand/Client: Huntington Bank
Primary Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Contributing Agencies: MPG


One might say that there isn't much of a greater challenge than to re-launch a brand in one of the worst financial times of our generation. Add to that challenge that the brand is a bank, which lives within the boundaries of the industry seen as most responsible for the economic hardship Americans are facing.

Yes, the worst economy since the great depression faces us. Home foreclosures and unemployment have been and remain daily headlines. The role and involvement of banks in this crisis has been huge. Everybody hates banks, with good reason. Bad loans. Bad practices. Ridiculous salaries for leaders who have failed at their jobs and brought ruin to thousands upon thousands of families. Arrogance unchecked. Then, we the people have to bail these bums out! No wonder people are angry.