Lowdown: Livefyre

Nadya Powell

One of the biggest issues any online publisher faces is content. How to create it. How to manage it. How to drive engagement. How to make it feel real-time, fresh and relevant. It's a vast range of issues. So let's make a few assumptions – you have your editorial strategy sorted and are happily originating news or magazine-style content. And underpinning this is a fantastic CMS helping you manage all this content.

So what's left? Well probably the hardest part – driving engagement, discussion, and creating a sense your website is a living beast rather than a set of static webpages. There are a plethora of solutions out there – Disqus for commenting, or BazaarVoice for ratings and reviews, or use API's to enable integration of Facebook or Twitter posts. But this is all getting a bit complicated isn't it? Which is why we should all heartily welcome the arrival of Livefyre to UK shores. It does it all under one simple product called StreamHub.