Big lessons from small budgets

By Andy Nairn

Executive Planning Director, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy 2009 Convenor of Judges

As any reader will have realised by now, this year's winning cases were all about campaigns with a total communications spend of less than £2.5 million.

However, in a year where even the mightiest budgets have been under pressure, a salutary lesson has emerged for all of us: namely that creativity is more important in hard times than ever.

Of course, there's nothing new in this assertion. Similar suggestions were made during the last recession and no doubt the ones before that. But what is striking is the degree to which these calls are still ignored – brushed aside in the desire to ‘play safe’ and ‘hang on to what we've got'.

What's also interesting is the breadth with which creativity is interpreted nowadays. No longer is this the domain of a specific department or related to a particular part of the campaign development process. Instead, creativity is increasingly seen as a mindset which infuses everything we do.